Tax Forms

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Federal W4

Notes: Students may claim Single 0 or Single 1 as their exemptions unless they have been emancipated from their parents. The higher the number (0 or 1) the less federal tax deducted from your paycheck.

State of Maine W4

Notes: The same conditions that apply to the Federal W4 apply to the state W4.  If you claim 0 on the Federal W4, claim 0 on the state.

I-9 Eligibility to Work Form

You need to present the correct original documents when you see the student employment officer. Usually students bring one of the following: a valid passport (unexpired), an original social security card (no copies) or an original or notarized birth certificate.  A full list of documents is attached.  Read carefully.

Student Direct Deposit Form

Notes: A student may use any checking or savings account in the continental United States. We need the account number, type pf account, where you opened the account (city and state) and the bank routing number.  We do not want the number on your debit card.