Green Office Certification program

The Green Office Certification program recognizes departments who commit to sustainable policies and practices.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1: Email Julie to set up an office audit.

In preparation, download the Bates Green Office checklist and look over each of the three levels. During the audit we’ll go over your heating, plug loads, types of controls, and how the checklist specifically applies to your group.

STEP 2: Meet with your department.

Present the checklist and discuss what you currently do and what you can commit to. How will your group meet each of the criteria and fulfill the goals? Fill out the checklist together and put new commitments to practice. *Advice from other offices: enlist at least one other person to work with you and break the checklist into parts if necessary.

STEP 3: Invite Julie to your next department meeting.

To review your efforts – where were your challenges? What was your process? Upon verification, your office will receive a window cling certifying your achievement. Hang it up and encourage other colleagues to join!

Who’s Certified?

Click on each level to view departments who are currently certified: