Moody, Rzasa, and Hopkins

Moody House

Suites in Moody House, Rzasa House and Arthur P. Hopkins House

93, 97 and 99 Russell Street

The Residential Village, built in 1992, is home to Bates’ vibrant suite-style living, which allows you to live with your friends in a more independent setting. The buildings are divided into suites housing four to six students, with rooms arranged around a common living area.  Many suites also feature their own bathrooms. The Village consists of Moody HouseRzasa HouseArthur P. Hopkins House, and the Benjamin Mays Center and is perfectly located near Commons, Pettengill Hall and campus athletic facilities – it’s happening here!

Rzasa House

Moody House

Moody House is home to 56 students in suites of four single-sex suitemates. The building also features a seminar classroom. The residence is named through the genorosity of James L. Moody ’53 and the late Jean P. Moody.

Arthur P. Hopkins House:

Rzasa House

Rzasa House is coed by suite and home to 40 students in suites of varying sizes. The residence was named through the generosity of Emil Rzasa ’49.

Students relaxing in their room in the village

Arthur P. Hopkins House

Hopkins House holds 54 students in suites of four to six students. The building is coed by room within each suite, allowing students to choose suitemates (but not roommates) of the opposite sex. The residence was named through the generosity of Carolyn H. Burke HC’49, in memory of her uncle.