Through the Bates Communications Office, we have developed this guide to the Bates brand.

With these guidelines, you will see how we talk about Bates. Verbal and visual strategies, along with tools you can use like design templates, are all found on this site. Please use these guidelines for all of your communications needs. And if there is something you need, but is not here, contact the communications office for guidance.

Why have Brand Identity Guidelines?

The answer is simple: to build a stronger brand for Bates.

Inside the brand guidelines are tools, templates and information to help all departments, programs and offices produce materials that are consistent, professional and immediately recognizable as Bates. Putting a comprehensive set of standards in one place makes it easier for everyone to develop communications — in print, on the Web and in other electronic forms — that reflect and reinforce the Bates brand.

Within these brand guidelines are specific verbal and visual strategies. The definitions and messages that follow provide a frame of reference for posters, brochures, posters, Web sites, magazines and other communications. The visual elements provide tools — colors, fonts, photo styles and layout templates — that you can apply. Together, these guidelines are intended to help you plan your communications and ensure your creative work in words and images strengthens the Bates brand.

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