Page layout, navigation, color, and fonts are specified sitewide by the Bates page templates.

Font Specification

Font style and size are specified in the Bates template and style sheet. Therefore, no font style should be specified within the page content. Editors should not use the deprecated “font” HTML tag or specify a font style within another HTML tag (for example, “span” tag).

Tags that are approved for use include headers (“h1″ – “h3″), “strong” (bold) and “em” (italic) tags.

If further formatting options are required, contact the communications office. Other style designations can be arranged.

Do not underline text. Underlined text, to Internet users, connotes a link. Please use italics or bolding for emphasis instead.

Do not use all caps within body text, and avoid it as much as possible within headings. Use a larger heading instead. All caps is difficult to read and is interpreted as “shouting.”

Text Colors

Coloration of content text is disapproved. If colors must be used, be sure that the information conveyed by coloration can also be discerned with no color visible (this is one of the Federal accessibility requirements). Do not use blue, red, or purple text, since these are standard link colors. Never specify color for hyperlinked text.


For most web pages, graphics should be no more than 100K in size. Large images, or a large number of images on a page, can slow page load time considerably.

Graphics files should either be in JPG, PNG format. The JPG format allows more efficient compression and is best for photographs.

Image resolution should be 72 dpi.

Official pages should not contain animated graphics or images.

The communications office reserves the right to alter images to optimize file size, correct color, correct light levels, or crop aesthetically.


Keep paragraphs short and easily scannable.

Avoid using spaces to place text. For example, do not try to line up or indent text by
adding spacing. The content management system is programmed to strip out the extra spaces. Spaces display differently depending on the browser, so what lines up on the computer you are using may appear differently on another one.

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