The Bates brand

Before defining the Bates brand, it’s helpful to have a definition of just what a brand is and what it is not.

A brand is not a logo; a logo is just a symbol that represents the brand. A brand is not a tagline; a tagline is an expression of the brand, but it is not the brand. A brand is not a product; a product is a tangible representation of the brand, but it is not the brand.

Instead, a brand is an idea. It’s the perception people have when they think of Bates. It can be seen as the promise of what the college delivers to the people we serve. That can range from an education to groundbreaking research to hands-on problem solving. The brand starts with what Bates does and why it matters. It’s what makes us distinctive in a person’s mind.

Our job is to influence those perceptions of Bates — and strengthen our brand — by presenting consistent and credible messages about the college, our people and their accomplishments. Building a strong brand for Bates as a whole also helps build the reputation and recognition of our individual offices, departments and programs.

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