Web standards

Web standards help you amplify the impact of your message by building on how other offices are portraying Bates College online.

Adoption of standards also improves the user experience, accessibility and maintenance efficiency and performance. Your communications will be more effective, and you’ll save both time and resources.

It is critical that Bates Web sites meet the highest standards in terms of content, ease of use and accessibility. There are tremendous potential benefits for Bates Web communicators:

  • Sites can be built faster
  • Cost savings result from starting from a template rather than with a ground-up design project
  • Users will experience consistent design and functionality, improving accessibility and ease of use
  • Your messages and imagery will have more impact through resonance with what other communicators are saying online
  • Centrally managed sites will be patched for security
  • More focus and time can be dedicated to content development, the most important aspect of Web communications
  • Improved portability to new standards and technologies
  • Units leverage the very powerful and visible Bates brand to its fullest potential

With a selection of highly customizable themes, Web resources should not be applied to creating new themes, designs and templates, but rather to implementing and enhancing existing templates, and increasing effectiveness of site content and usability.

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