Writing at Bates

Bates believes that writing and critical thinking are inseparable. That’s why we emphasize the importance of writing as a means of learning across the four years—from the First-Year Seminar to the Senior Thesis.  All Bates graduates will have taken three writing-attentive courses: the W1, W2, and W3.

Bates also believes that speaking is an essential skill for every Bates graduate.  Writing at Bates workshops, staff, and resources promote the rhetorical connections between writing and oral communication.

Everyone who writes or gives a talk can benefit from getting feedback from a reader or audience member who can ask questions, point out strengths, and suggest improvements.  When they need an outside perspective, students at Bates have access to both highly trained peers and professional staff at the Writing and Speaking Center and through the Writing Specialists.  In addition, we encourage students to see the relationship between writing and speaking and are pleased to offer rehearsal space for student presentations at the Writing and Speaking Center’s Presentation Studio in Ladd Library.

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