Workshops for Students

 Fall 2014 Schedule

Writing Specialists will offer three series of workshops this semester–one series targeted at First-Year Seminar students, one for students in W2 courses, and one for senior thesis-writers.


FYS-Plus! Series

Transitioning to College Writing
Wednesday, Sept. 17, 4:10
Held in Office of Intercultural Education, Chase Hall

What exactly makes college-level writing different from the writing you did in high school? In this workshop, we’ll discuss the characteristics of college-level writing and how to adapt to your professors’ expectations.

Making Your Point in Papers from Art to Econ
Tuesday, Sept. 30, 4:10
Held in Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

When you write papers in different classes, it might seem like all your professors are looking for different things. Come to this workshop to get a better understanding of what evidence and argument mean in different disciplines and how to write the paper your professor is looking for.

Writing Long Papers
Wednesday, Oct. 22, 4:10
Held in Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

Does your paper assignment leave you wondering how to fill enough space withoutdroning on (and on) and boring your reader?  Come to this workshop to discover how to create a clear, coherent plan and to develop arguments that work for long papers.

W2 Series

Making the Most of Your W2
Thursday, Sept. 18, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

A lot happens in between your FYS and your senior thesis.  What will you learn in your W2 and how can you carry that learning forward? How might you use the course to prepare for the writing demands of senior thesis?  Attend this workshop for practical advice on reading strategically, writing productively, and making the most of your W2 experience.

Working the Research and Finding Your Voice
Tuesday, Oct. 21, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

Getting lost in all the research you’ve done?  Wondering where your own ideas have gone?  Come to this workshop to learn strategies for writing from sources while maintaining control over your argument.

Senior Thesis Series

Getting Started
Monday, September 15, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

What are all the tasks involved in writing a thesis?  How will you get them all done?  Learn what goes into writing a thesis and some strategies for staying organized and motivated.

The Lit Review
Wednesday, October 8, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

What should you include? How should you organize the material? How do you incorporate your own ideas while demonstrating your knowledge of the field?

Planning the End Game
Thursday, November 13, 4:10
Writing and Speaking Center, Ladd Library

You’ve conducted research, written notes, even drafted some parts of the thesis…and the clock is ticking. Now what? Figuring out how to tie up all the loose threads of thesis can be daunting at this point in the semester.  This workshop provides strategies for fast writing, incorporating new findings, and finishing by deadline.


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