Learn about the ARC’s foundational principles and future visionWilliam Borelli, a writing tutor and economics major, interviews Dan Sanford, founder and director of the ARC.

What is translingualism? — Cherrysse Ulsa, writing fellow and neuroscience major, explains translingualism and why it is essential to the work of equity and inclusion.

Response and Adaptation to Corona Virus  — Eric Dyer describes the Academic Resource Commons’s response to the pandemic and remote teaching and learning. Reporting by William Borelli.

After ARCEmily Tan, former student manager for learning strategies and psychology major, and Ruth Van Kampen, former TWA, writing tutor, PAL Leader, PWSA, and biology major, report on their post-graduate experiences as a Fulbright Scholar and a graduate student.

Thank you, Peer Educators! — The members of the ARC professional staff celebrate the student employees of ARC.

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