Client Report Form Walkthroughs

If the student had an appointment

Log into WC Online, and find the appointment in the schedule.  It will be the shaded in block on the tutor’s (your) name, at the time the appointment was made.

Click on that block.  A window will pop up.

In that window, on the right hand side, you’ll see ‘Post Session Client Report Forms’, and under that ‘add new’ and perhaps ‘view existing’.  Click ‘add new’. The window will display the report form.

Working from top to bottom, make sure:

  • appointment length is roughly accurate (to the closest half hour is fine!),
  • the appropriate tutor is listed under ‘staff or resource’,
  • and select the most appropriate answer under ‘type of support’ and ‘what course’. 
  • Don’t input anything into ‘email options’ or ‘file attachment options’ – these are for types of reporting out that ARC doesn’t do. 

Click on ‘save report’ and you’re done!

If the student did not have an appointment.

Log into WC Online.  On the calendar/schedule screen, look at the upper left corner.  Just under where is says ‘Welcome’, there should be several logos.  Click on the one that looks like a sheet of paper. A window will pop up.

Under client, start to type the name of the student you met with.  Select the correct student from the names WC Online offers as possibilities.  (Note that the system is not smart enough to know that ‘Nick’ and ‘Nicholas’ are the same people – if they’re in the system as ‘Nick’ and you type ‘Nich-’, it won’t offer the right option.)  If you cannot find the student in what WC Online suggests, email with all of the information you would have filled in on the form.

Adjust the date and time to reflect when the appointment happened.  Times within the closest half hour are fine.  Select the appropriate tutor (note that WC Online may not offer you as the initial option, even though you’re the one logged in).  Fill out the next two questions just like you would if this were a scheduled appointment.  Ignore ‘email options’ and ‘file attachment options’, and hit send.

If you’re filling out a form for a workshop or group session where there are several students to record you have two options – if it’s only one or a few attendees, it might be easier to just fill out a couple of off schedule client report forms.  

If there’s more, or it feels easier, just keep a shareable (Google Doc or Google Sheets) sign in sheet with the following information: date of the session and subject (ex. Chem 108 PAL session, Excel Bootcamp Workshop) in the document titlr, and one column for attendee’s names, and another for either their student ID# or their email (or a column for each if you’d like).  Underneath the ‘what course was this support for’ field, there’s a text entry field that prompts you for a link to this document.  Please make sure this document is accessible to, and paste the sharing link to the document in this field.