Content Tutoring

Content tutors work with students on course material, disciplinary problem-solving strategies, and critical thinking for most courses taught at Bates. Individual appointments run throughout the day; evening drop-in labs provide a supported environment for students to study and do homework. 

What do Content Tutors do?

Content tutors can help students in drop in hours during the evening or one on one appointments during the day. There are content tutors available for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Economics, Geology, Neuroscience, and Environmental Studies. They can help with labs, homeworks, test preparation and overall review of notes. Drop in hours often result in a collection of students working together, being guided by the content tutor on staff. We can help you tackle individual concepts or navigate your courses as a whole.

Individual tutoring appointments run throughout the day, and can be made by visiting the ARC front desk, chatting online with a Resource Representative, or by using WC Online.

Evening drop-in labs are a place for students to study, do homework, get ready for exams, and do all the work of a being a student in an environment where you’re surrounded by others students in the course, and tutors who can provide guidance. No appointment is needed, just come with your course materials and get to work. If you raise your hand, a tutor will come by to help.

Who are my Content Tutors

When can I find a Content Tutor?