Language Tutors are here to support all modern and ancient languages offered at Bates. The tutors support Latin, Ancient Greek, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, and French. They can help with vocabulary, grammar, and translation questions. Language tutors will introduce themselves in classes at the beginning of each semester but can help support classes of all levels. They can be particularly helpful to help organize notes or practice before a test/exam.

Who are my Language Tutors?

When can I find a Language Tutor?

What does ARC have for English Language Learner Support?

We seek to foster and promote the use of diverse languages at Bates while also providing support in English to improve academic writing and speaking skills.  ARC staff members are trained in the foundational approaches to support ELL students and multilingual speakers. If possible, we can arrange an appointment with a writing tutor who is also fluent in your first language.  Resource Representatives (at the front desk) can accommodate your preferences in language support.

Please contact us with any further questions or concerns.