Academic Resource Commons Mission Statement

The Academic Resource Commons (ARC), Bates’ Learning and Writing Center, is an initiative to promote collaboration and conversation among faculty, staff and students in a student-run and student-centered space. ARC supports and complements the classroom experience, working with students to develop effective strategies for learning, growing, and thriving throughout all 4 years of their education at Bates. ARC supports every learner through high-quality, student-focused peer tutoring and other student support services in a welcoming and inclusive environment.


The Academic Resource Commons provides:

·       comprehensive support (workshops, tutoring, drop-in labs, peer-assisted learning, and other programming) for students in their studies;

·       a rigorous training program for peer tutors and other student educators, focused on engaging students as unique learners and on supporting a diverse student population in fully accessing the academy;

·       learning strategies that will serve students both in their time at Bates, and in their academic and professional careers beyond it;

·       a venue for every department offering student support to interact with students in a shared academic space.