Remote Writing Tutoring Portal

Welcome to ARC remote writing tutoring! Writing tutors can support you with any writing assignment you have, at whatever stage of the process you are, for whatever class you are are taking. They can help with idea generation, like brainstorms and outlines, before you start writing, and with organization, flow, thesis development, and revision tactics in drafts of assignments you’ve already started. They can also be an interested reader on any closer-to-final drafts you want some feedback on before you submit a paper to your professor. Writing tutors can even read parts of your thesis! 

How do I access writing support?

There are two ways that we provide remote writing support. The first way is to have a synchronous tutoring session in real-time, where you and a tutor work on a piece of your writing at the same time. Make a WCOnline appointment with an ARC tutor today!

WCOnline Tutoring Walk-Throughs Here

The second way is to submit a paper through our asynchronous tutoring submission form and a tutor returns it to you with comments within 48 hours or less. For example, papers submitted by 9AM on Monday will be returned by 9AM Wednesday; papers submitted by 5PM Friday will be returned by 5PM Sunday. There is a limit of ten pages for submissions; for longer projects please identify the specific ten pages that you would like the tutor to look at.

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