PAL Leader Supplemental Application

Peer Assisted Learning Leader supplemental application

  • Select the course and section you are interested in supporting. Please keep in mind that PAL Leader attendance at their supported section is mandatory. If you selected more than one section or course, please indicate your order of preference in the next question.
  • If you indicated more than one course or section in the previous question, please use this space to indicate what your order of preference would be.
  • Please explain your interest in helping others develop stronger learning skills. Use specific examples of previous experiences that have inspired you to consider the PAL Leader role.
  • Have you attended PAL Leader facilitated sessions or sought other peer support in the past? Please describe your experiences getting peer academic support.
  • Please describe the approaches you would use to lead a tutoring session.
  • Please describe your strength in the course(s) for which you propose to be a PAL Leader.
  • As you think about yourself mentoring/tutoring/helping others to learn, what strengths will you bring to the task?