ARC Peer Educators

We are Bates students who connect you with the resources available to help you achieve academic success.  We are Peer Tutors, Resource Representatives, Technical Writing Assistants, Peer Assisted Learning Leaders, Peer Writing & Speaking Assistants, Writing Fellows, and Student Managers.

Peer Tutors

We provide both individual one-on-one support in ARC, as well as running drop-in and group sessions.

Resource Representatives

We help you identify what resources are available to you, and how to access them.  You’ll find us at the front desk of both ARC and the Writing Center.


Technical Writing Assistants

We support student writers in Biology by designing and facilitating weekly out-of-class sessions that address approaches to writing assignments and assist students with their writing process.

Peer Assisted Learning Leaders

We attend the section of the class we are supporting and facilitate learning in out-of-class sessions using strategies that build readiness and comprehension in traditionally difficult courses.


Peer Writing & Speaking Assistants

We collaborate with faculty to support students in individual sections of First-Year Seminars W2 and W3 level courses.

Writing Fellows

We have completed Bates coursework on the theory and practice of writing, writing tutoring, and the teaching of writing (Education s19); we continue to develop as writing educators through work that engages them with writing pedagogy. We are available to support students as writers, and faculty as teachers of writing.

Student Managers

We develop and implement trainings for peer tutors, provide on-the-floor oversight of the Academic Resource Commons, and serve as liaisons to departments.