A Template for Designing a Biology Writing e-Portfolio

Developed by Ruth van Kampen (’19), Writing Tutor for the Natural Sciences, Biology Technical Writing Assistant (TWA), & First Year Seminar Peer Writing & Speaking Assistant (PWSA)

ARC e-Portfolios, Philosophies, and Projects

To synthesize their tutoring practices with the pedagogical content they learn in trainings, ARC peer educators engage regularly in reflective writing. Tutors who stay with us for many semesters often turn these reflections into Peer Educator Philosophies, projects, and electronic portfolios as part of their ongoing professional development. e-Portfolios allow tutors to catalogue evidence of–and look back on–all they have accomplished, both as learners and tutors in ARC. Below, is Ruth van Kampen’s beautiful Wix-designed e-portfolio, which includes artifacts of her natural science writing, reflections on that writing, and a Peer Educator Philosophy; and should you be asked to–or wish to–create your own writing e-portfolio, you might consider using Ruth’s e-portfolio PowerPoint template as a starting point.

Ruth’s e-Portfolio (Designed Using Wix)

Ruth’s Template for Designing Your Own e-Portfolio (Using PowerPoint)

Click here to see Ruth’s template as a Power Point