Thesis Support 2020-21

Thesis Cafe

Thesis Cafe is a space for students to write, research, and think with other thesis writers in a quiet space. Come for inspiration, motivation, and helpful answers to your writing questions. Bring only yourself and your writing and researching tools of choice. In the 2020-21 academic year, Thesis Cafe will be in a hybrid format, with both a physical, socially distant space to meet as well as the option to connect online.

In Module B, Thesis Cafe will happen three times per week at the following times:

DayTimePhysical LocationZoom Link
Monday 7pm – 9pmHedge Computer LabMonday Zoom Link
Wednesday 7pm – 9pmHedge Computer LabWednesday Zoom Link
Sunday 4pm – 6pmThe RonjSunday Zoom Link

Please use this calendar below to view time, location and Zoom links for each scheduled Thesis Cafe. Click on a scheduled session to place that information on your own Google Calendar.