• Important Update for Bates Students
    Dear Students, I write today with a few updates and reminders. This message addresses five critical topics: Adhering to public health practices and being good neighbors Gathering and building community Notifying the college if your plans for the winter semester change Where to eat meals Selecting Module B weekday lunch time Adhering to Public Health…
  • Important Update for Bates Students – Timely Action Required
    Dear Students, I write today with several updates. This blogpost addresses six important topics: Declaring your intentions for the winter semester by Oct. 8 Changes to the COVID-19 Testing Center schedule New access to campus and programming spaces Campus departure in November Winter break information for international students currently in residence Anticipated move-in date for…
  • Sept. 18: Update for Students — Fostering Community and Connection
    Dear Students, As we conclude the third week of classes, I write to provide a brief update on public health measures, as well as opportunities to foster community and connection.  Maintaining Public Health Measures Thank you for doing your part to help us to be where we are right now: offering an on-campus experience. You…
  • Aug. 28: COVID-19 testing update
    The college’s COVID-19 testing program has conducted 577 employee tests and 1,168 student tests, Aug. 18–26, 2020. While presenting no COVID-19 symptoms upon arrival at Bates, one student has tested positive for the virus and has moved to isolation housing to receive all necessary care from Bates Health Services.
  • Timeline for Updating COVID-19 Dashboard
    I write with an update about our dashboard to track key data elements associated with COVID-19. The timeline of testing, notification, and dashboard updates are explained below. Our comprehensive student testing program began this Tuesday, but the results of these tests were just now posted on the dashboard. There will be a lag in posting…
  • Aug. 21: It’s up to you — important reminders before coming to campus
    Your decisions will have a huge impact on whether we are forced to close campus and go to remote learning or instead are able to be successful in continuing the on-campus student experience.
  • Aug. 13: Requirement to watch campus public health videos
    If you plan to return to campus for the fall, you must watch a set of Campus Public Health video modules. You may see some familiar Bates faces along the way.
  • Aug. 12: Move-in update
    Moving in this year will feel like checking your luggage at the airport and saying a quick goodbye when you’re late for a flight. In other words, the process of moving in will be brief.
  • Aug. 12: Dining update
    We continue to encounter operational and evolving state regulatory challenges trying to implement our re-engineered dining program, and thus have reached the conclusion to move completely to a Dash (grab-n-go) dining program.
  • Aug. 12: What to expect when you get tested for COVID-19 at Bates
    “We are positioned very well to test” employees and students for COVID-19, said Nick Cooke, assistant athletic director for athletic performance and director of the Bates Testing Center. See a video for how the test is done.
  • Aug. 5: Fall 2020 social life at Bates
    One of the surest ways to force the college to close down is by hosting or attending parties or other social gatherings where public-health practices are not followed. In other words, social life must take other forms.
  • Aug. 3: What to do when you’re planning to return for the fall semester
    With arrival now on the horizon, here’s information and tips about getting ready to travel to campus, traveling to campus, and your arrival and move-in.
  • Summary of recent fall 2020 information and resources for all Bates students
    A summary of important information about five key issues, plus Bates resources to help you decide if returning to campus is the right for you.
  • July 23: Student FAQs for fall 2020 COVID testing
    Robust testing and contact tracing are critical to maintaining the health and safety of the Bates community.
  • July 22: Have your fall attendance plans changed?
    If your attendance plans have changed, please email Faith Hauger, fhauger@bates.edu, to request that you update your Fall Attendance Questionnaire.
  • July 20: Documents to sign prior to student return to campus
    Students planning to return for the fall 2020 semester must sign four documents prior to their arrival.
  • July 17: Facility Services actions to reduce risks of COVID-19 transmission
  • July 7: Housing assignments and summer placement FAQs
  • July 8: Bates’ response to guidance issued by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    Bates is reviewing the new guidance with our counsel while also working directly with our international students to provide support and guidance.
  • June 30: Fall 2020 announcement
    Dear Members of the Bates Community, I write today to share an important update about our plans for the fall semester. We will invite students to come to campus in person to begin or continue their Bates education, so that we can do our best to support their forward momentum. Based on exhaustive consultation and…
  • June 15: Academic calendar information for new students in 2020–21
    Dear New Bates Students, We know that you are well on your way to joining the Bates community and want to send along a warm welcome from all of our faculty and staff. Through working on your first-year forms, to participating in video chats, to posting on the Facebook group, the Bates faculty and staff…
  • June 11: Academic calendar information for returning students in 2020–21
    We write to provide an update on fall planning and recent steps taken to better position the college for our goal of having students return to campus in the fall, if we determine that it is safe to do so.
  • Message for Faculty from Committee on Personnel
    We respect the full range of contributions faculty members make, including the effort and creativity required in adjusting to this very complicated time.
  • Planning for Next Academic Year
    It is our fervent hope that it will be safe to welcome new and returning students in person in the fall, and we are actively working toward that goal.
  • April 27: Update on financial impact of COVID-19
    To preserve our capacity to deliver on our mission now and into the future, we have identified actions aimed at putting ourselves in the strongest possible position to weather the ongoing financial disruptions associated with the pandemic.
  • Faculty-Staff Working Group on Fall Planning and College Finances
    So the college can make critical decisions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in a timely manner, Bates has formed an ad hoc working group comprising two teams: one focused on Fall Planning and the other on College Finances.
  • Announcement About Reunion Weekend 2020
    Due to the COVID-19 crisis, we have made the difficult decision to cancel in-person Reunion 2020. Bates will host a number of virtual Reunion events on June 12–13. Our hope is that when we do gather in person, it will be all the sweeter for this period of interruption and isolation.
  • Announcement About Commencement
    I am heartbroken to convey the news that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Bates will not be able to offer an in-person Commencement on May 31. We plan to mark your graduation with a virtual ceremony, creating an experience that captures, albeit in a different form, the elements that are most meaningful to you.
  • COVID-19 Update on Confirmed Cases
    A second member of the Bates community has tested positive for COVID-19. With this case, there are a total of two confirmed cases within the Bates community.
  • Confirmed Case of COVID-19
    A member of our community has tested positive for COVID-19. This individual has been at home in self-isolation for a number of days while receiving the necessary care to treat their condition.
  • Important COVID-19 Update for Staff
    Beginning immediately, Bates will transition to a remote working model for any employees whose physical presence on campus is not required to carry out their duties.
  • Urgent Information About Timely Departure from Campus
    We ask students to please respond with a greater sense of urgency to the public health crisis that confronts us and depart campus as soon as possible. With each passing day, we learn more about the extreme contagiousness of the COVID-19 virus and the threat it poses to vulnerable populations.
  • March 13 COVID-19 Announcement
    We are at a pivotal moment with respect to both the spread of the COVID-19 virus and our ability as a college to take proactive, rather than reactive, steps. We will suspend classes at the end of the day, ask our students to return home and our faculty to prepare to teach remotely, and resume remote classes on Monday, March 23.