Academics, Calendar, and Tuition


The 2020–21 academic year will feature fall and winter semesters that each comprise two 7.5-week modules. Students will typically take two classes at a time — each meeting for more hours each week than a traditional semester format — for a total of four courses over the semester.

Tuition and Fees

Recognizing that student residency status will be variable in 2020–21, the college will adjust the room and board portion of the single fee for students who elect remote study.

Academic Calendar 2020–21 

With public health, the student and faculty experience, and sustaining the college’s mission at the forefront of decision-making related to the academic calendar, Bates has adjusted its academic calendar in 2020–21 in order to offer the fall and winter semesters in the 2+2 format. 

The 2+2 semester plan will be in effect regardless of whether Bates conducts in-person or remote learning in 2020–21.

The benefits and features of the 2+2 calendar include:

  • Reducing classroom person-to-person contact. 
  • Reducing foot traffic in academic buildings.
  • Amplifying physical distancing. 
  • Adding time between classes and more time for meals.
  • Reducing breaks when off-campus travel would likely occur.
  • Moving to all-remote learning after Thanksgiving through final examinations.

Grading Policy for 2020–21

After a temporary modification of the pass/fail grading option during the winter 2020 semester, the college will return to regular policies as outlined in the Catalog for 2020–21.