Faculty/Staff Working Group on Fall Planning and College Finances

An ad hoc working group composed of faculty and staff has been created to advise the President and senior staff on a set of institutional decisions that the college will need to make to determine academic plans for the fall and manage college finances to address the ongoing implications of the pandemic. The goal in forming this group is to bring faculty and staff together in a shared space for analysis and problem solving so that the college can make critical decisions in a timely manner while considering the effects of these decisions across the college. The working group is divided into two teams – one focused on potential calendar modifications and teaching models for the fall, and the other on college finances.

Working Group Principles

In developing recommendations for action, the teams will be guided by the following principles. Proposed actions should:

  • Sustain the college’s mission, including, in particular, providing outstanding educational experiences for our students;
  • Embody the principle of shared sacrifice wherever possible;
  • Consider the differential impact of decisions on various members of our community, including our most vulnerable employees, bearing in mind our shared commitment to equity and inclusion;
  • Preserve organizational capacity for a return to operations following the pandemic;
  • Balance responsibility for the current Bates community with the needs of future generations.

Working Group Leadership

  • Clayton Spencer, President, Co-Chair and ex officio on both teams
  • Malcolm Hill, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the Faculty, Co-Chair and ex officio on both teams

Fall Planning Team

The Fall Planning Team is responsible for considering calendar adjustments and teaching model options for academic year 20-21 that can be implemented based on the evolving understanding of the COVID-19 pandemic. In due course, the team will recommend to the President and Vice President for Academic Affairs one or more preferred approaches to academic calendar structure to implement for next academic year, along with any recommended changes to college operations.

  • Senem Aslan, Associate Professor of Politics, Co-Chair
  • Josh McIntosh, Vice President for Campus Life and Dean of Students, Co-Chair
  • Noelle Chaddock, Vice President for Equity and Inclusion
  • Celine Cunningham, Senior Associate Director of Athletics
  • Carol Dilley, Professor of Dance
  • Stephen Engel, Professor of Politics
  • Erin Foster Zsiga, Senior Associate Dean of Students
  • Darren Gallant, Associate Dean and Director of Global Education
  • Kathryn Low, Professor of Psychology
  • Nathan Lundblad, Associate Professor of Physics
  • Mary Meserve, Registrar
  • Lillian Nayder, Professor of English
  • Therí Pickens, Professor of English
  • Kirk Read, Professor of French and Francophone Studies
  • Blake Reilly, Assistant Dean of Students
  • Patricia Schoknecht, Vice President for Information and Library Services and College Librarian
  • Leigh Weisenburger, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid

College Finances Team

The College Finances Team will advise the President, the Dean of the Faculty, and the rest of senior staff on the various financial implications of the COVID-19 crisis and related institutional actions. The crisis has caused significant unexpected costs and lost revenue for the college and will likely lead to additional financial pressure in Academic Year 2020-21. The team will evaluate the projected size and scope of the financial impact, consider potential actions the college may take to alleviate it, and make recommendations for consideration by senior staff.

  • Amy Douglass, Professor of Psychology, Co-Chair
  • Geoffrey Swift, Vice President for Finance & Administration and Treasurer, Co-Chair
  • Francesco Duina, Professor of Sociology
  • Ken Emerson, Director of Compensation and Benefits
  • Holly Ewing, Professor of Environmental Studies and Christian A. Johnson Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Jason Fein, Lecturer in Physical Education and Director of Athletics
  • Douglas Ginevan, Assistant Vice President for Financial Planning and Analysis
  • Brett Huggett, Associate Professor of Biology
  • Michael Hussey, Vice President for Institutional Affairs and Secretary to the Board of Trustees
  • Alan Kelley, Mechanical and Electrical Services Manager
  • Lynne Lewis, Elmer W. Campbell Professor of Economics
  • Katharine Ott, Associate Professor of Mathematics
  • Clarisa Pérez-Armendáriz, Associate Professor of Politics
  • Michael Sargent, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Jason Scheideman, Lecturer in Politics and Assistant Dean of the Faculty for Budget and Administration
  • Christine Schwartz, Assistant Vice President for Dining, Conferences, and Campus Events
  • Susan Stark, Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Nathan Tefft, Associate Professor of Economics
  • Natalie Williamson, Controller