Student Research

Student Research Opportunities

Bates places a premium on preparing students to be astute and responsible scholars. Many courses require research projects and focus on research methodologies. For the required senior thesis or senior project, you put your accumulated knowledge and your research skills to the test in an ambitious project that may include scholarship in the library, laboratory, field, or in the community-engaged projects. Arts students’ creative production is their scholarship – in the studio or on the stage.

The college offers funding opportunities to support student research in the academic year and the summer months. Information on such opportunities can be found on the student research website, This extensive site links to programs funded through the dean of the faculty’s office and the Harward Center for Community Partnerships. Most of this funding is awarded through competitive grant programs.

If you are interested in conducting research, talk to a faculty advisor about what opportunities may be available in your area of interest, either on campus or off. Some faculty members (usually in the sciences) have their own grants through which they support student researchers during the summer, so you should speak with a professor if you are interested.