Summer Grants Summary

Research Grants

BOULEY FUND supports thesis research in field-based geologic mapping.  Grant awards range from $100 to $500 depending on the quality and needs of the specific research projects.  Contact the Chair of the Geology Department for more information.  Deadline: April 1.

HOFFMAN RESEARCH SUPPORT GRANTS support students in all disciplines engaged in research, travel to a research site, research supplies, or other expenses related to research. May be used in conjunction with other sources of support but need must be demonstrated. Deadline: March 2.

INBRE SUMMER FELLOWSHIPS FOR RESEARCH AND SCIENCE EDUCATION support research in cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, and neuroscience with preference given to projects focused on functional genomics.   Generally, INBRE funds student-faculty research projects, in which funded faculty members choose one or two student collaborators.

RAWLINGS GRANTS FOR MATHEMATICS provides between $800 and $3,000 in support of students conducting math research during the summer (usually, but not always, pre-thesis research).  Contact the Chair of the Mathematics department for more information.  Deadline: Any time between April 9-May 7. Proposals are reviewed as they are received.

STEM STUDENT-FACULTY RESEARCH GRANTS support student research collaborators with Bates faculty mentors in the sciences and math. Faculty apply for funding in February, then select one or two research assistants.

SUMMER RESEARCH APPRENTICESHIPS (all disciplines) provide $3,500 support for students working full time for 8-10 weeks as a research assistant for a faculty member.  Faculty members apply for apprentices in February; they select who works with them (some by interview, others require a written application).  Check with faculty about their intention to apply.

SUMMER RESEARCH FELLOWSHIPS provide $3,500 in support of full-time research for 8 weeks in the summer. Deadline: 2 March.


OTIS FELLOWSHIPS provide major funding (up to $6,000) for a student who has designed an independent project that focuses on the relationship between individuals, societies, and the natural world.  These fellowships demand lots of student creativity and initiative, and almost always take place away from Bates (international work is encouraged).  Contact Thomas Wenzel in Chemistry and ES for information.  Deadline:  Feb. 2.

PHILLIPS FELLOWSHIPS provide major funding (up to $6,000) for an international or otherwise cross-cultural experience.  Fellowships may focus on research, community engagement, the arts, or career exploration, or some combination.  Most take place internationally – projects done in the student’s home country must show a substantial immersion in another culture.  Most fellowships take place in the summer, but may take place in Short Term or fall semester as well.  Deadline:  Feb. 2.

TECHNOS INTERNATIONAL WEEK FELLOWSHIP provides complete support for two students to travel to Japan for two weeks in early June. Applicants must be current first or second-year students and preference is given to students who have taken one or more classes in East Asian languages or other areas of Asian Studies. They must not have traveled extensively in Japan or be fluent in Japanese. Deadline: Feb. 2.

Community-Engaged Learning Grants and Fellowships: Click here for the Harward Center for Community Partnerships

Career Internships: Click here for Purposeful Work Internships