After Hours Access

For Faculty/Staff use only

On occasion, students may need access to buildings outside of the building’s open hours. Faculty and staff may request after hours access by filling out an after hours and key request form.

Please be specific in your requests. The student’s full name, the building that the access is being requested for, and the dates and times access is needed. If the request is to cover a semester, please note if breaks are to be included. Access requests are valid for one semester only. Requests must be submitted for each semester. Requests expire on the last day of the semester. If access is required  between semesters, those dates must accompany the request.

If access is requested for a building with card access, the student’s access card will be modified to reflect the approved additions in access. In most cases, the main entrance of the building will be where access may be gained. Buildings without card access will require the student to call from the security phone closest to the building entrance to request an officer for assistance.

Requests are subject to approval by the Director of Campus Safety.