Data Policy

Electronic Access System Information Policy System

The Electronic Access System records entrances to all student residences and other designated buildings as well as other access points. The system accomplishes this by recording the information from the card presented for entry and verifying that the individual to whom the card has been assigned has permission to enter the building. The system creates and stores a record of the date, time, and location of events, including entries, alarms, malfunctions as recorded by the card readers.

While the system verifies the card was issued to a person who has permission for entry, it cannot ensure the person presenting the card is actually the person to whom the card was issued, The system stores a record of card accessed entries. Individuals gaining entry without use of a card will not be recorded by the system. The system will not record individuals exiting the building.

Data Retention

The event monitor, located in the Security building, contains an event screen which displays current status of the system, and produces an event notice for such things as propped doors, forced entry attempt, entry attempt by an invalid card, etc. The event log will be cleared periodically.

In addition to the event log, the electronic access system maintains an activity log. This log retains a record of all activity across the card system. Data will be retained pursuant with Maine statutes and may be retained indefinitely.

System Administrators

Designated staff will have access to the security system permissions file and database. These individuals include: The Director of Campus Safety, the Director of Campus Safety’s designee(s), Electronic Access System Manager, and Information and Library Services designee. These individuals are responsible for the development and maintenance of access permissions, timely updating of permissions (using the College’s central administrative database as the source), and routine system maintenance.

System Reporting

On a periodic basis, the system administrators may produce reports on electronic access system activity in aggregate form (for example, total number of entrances, number of events, number of propped doors by building, etc.), These reports will contain summary information only and no information on individual students, faculty, or staff will be included. These reports will be used to assist the College in monitoring the effectiveness of the system.

Reports for propped doors, lost cards and lost keys will include individual names for charging purposes.

Special Reports

There are limited circumstances in which the College may review system information, including access records for individuals. Examples might include, but are not limited to:

  • · A report of an assault;
  • · A racial, ethnic, homophobic, or other offensive act;
  • · An act vandalism or theft;
  • · A missing person;
  • · A serious violation of law or College policy.

The following procedures have been established to authorize the review of individual information associated with access to buildings that have card reader technology.

1. A written request by an authorized administrator (or a verbal request in an emergency) must be made to the Director of Campus Safety stating the information requested and the reason(s) for the request. The Director of Campus Safety will review the request and recommend approval or denial of the request. [A committee will periodically review all requests.]

2. To assist in an on-going investigation, The Director of Campus Safety, or the designee of the Director of Campus Safety, may review card-system information, The information will not be provided to non-security staff without the written authorization of the President, Dean of Faculty, Student Affairs, or Treasurer.

3. System information, including records of individuals, will be retained pursuant to Maine statutes and may be retained indefinitely.

4. A record of all requests, both approved and denied, will be maintained by the Director of Campus Safety.