Bobcat Chat: Career Development and Purposeful Work

Interested in why Bates is getting national attention for how we are preparing students for life after college? Join us for a session on the Center for Purposeful Work, our unique spin on career development in a liberal arts environment. Panelists will discuss internships, infusion courses, job shadows, and share helpful information about outcomes.

Audrey Burns ‘17, Assistant Dean of Admission
Nicole Villacrés-Reyes, Assistant Dean of Admission
Allen Delong, Senior Associate Dean, Center for Purposeful Work
Rachel Forcillo ‘18, Coordinator of Operations, Marketing and Outreach, Center for Purposeful Work
Elysia Garza ‘22
Sean Vaz ‘22

Introduction to Purposeful Work: 7:39
What does Purposeful Work offer?: 27:55
Alumni Engagement: 41:05
Community Engagement and Purposeful Work: 49:00