Senior Fellows

Meet this year’s class of Senior Fellows, seniors at Bates who interview and conduct information sessions in the Office of Admission. They’re eager to meet you and answer your questions, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to them if you have a question about life at Bates!


Alex Brown, ’17
School/Hometown: Hanover High School; Hanover, NH
Majors/Minors/GECs: Neuroscience major, Chemistry minor, Philosophy/Psychology GEC
Activities/Involvement: Ultimate Frisbee, Discordians, Intramural Soccer


Audrey Burns, ’17
School/Hometown: Mount Ararat High School; Topsham, ME
Majors/Minors/GECS: Theater and Rhetoric double major, Music minor, Sound GEC
Activities/Involvement: Theater and dance, The Robinson Players, The Merimanders (A Capella)



Gina Ciobanu, ’17
School/Hometown: Warren Township High School; Gurnee, IL
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology major; Educational Studies minor, Class, Inequality, Poverty, and Justice GEC
Activities/Involvement: Residence Coordinator Team Leader, Bates Christian Fellowship, Outing Club


Rosy DePaul, ’17
School/Hometown: The Archer School for Girls;
Los Angeles, CA
Spanish, Rhetoric,  Writing Spanish
Activities/Involvement: AESOP
Leader, B Well Spinning Instructor, Orchestra,
Women’s Club Water Polo


Blake Downey, 17
School/Hometown: Berwick
Academy; Eliot, ME
Psychology, Philosophy, Chemistry
Activities/Involvement: Men’s
Track and Field Captain, Decathlete, STA/RT Member,
Lewiston Middle School Student
Teacher, AESOP Leader


Alex Eaton, ’17
School/Hometown: Lakeridge High School;  Lake Oswego, OR
Majors/Minors/GECs: Biology major, Theater minor, The Human Body GEC (Pre-med)
Activities/Involvement: Bates Career Development Center Fellow,  President of Student Support Network,  Big Brother Big Sister mentor,  Ultimate Frisbee


Kevin Franco, ’17
New Caanan, CT;
Majors/Minors/GECs: History
and Music double major
Orchestra, Rugby, Catholic
Students Community, Model


Alexa Goldman, ’17
School/Hometown: Swampscott High School; Swampscott, MA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics major,  Philosophy minor, Material Culture GEC
Activities/Involvement: Tour Guide, Study Abroad, Women’s Basketball


Jose Herrera, ’17
School/Hometown: La Puente High School; La Puente, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics and Studio Art double major, Latin America GEC
Activities/Involvement: Shred Club,  WRBC (Radio), Bates College Museum of Art Intern

Sadie James, ’17
School/Hometown: Gould Academy; Avon, ME
Majors/Minors/GECs: Psychology and Women and Gender Studies double major, Educational Studies minor
Nordic Ski Team, Outdoor
Track Team, Residence Coordinator, Second Grade Student Teacher, Committee Member designing college-specific sexual misconduct policy
Tara Khanmalek, ’17
School/Hometown: The Field School; Arlington, VA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Math and Rhetoric double major, Theater  minor
Activities/Involvement: Chase Hall Programming Board, Member of the Robinson Players, Club Field Hockey, Ronj Employee, AESOP Leader
Charlie Klein, ’17
School/Hometown: Sugar Bowl Academy; Ross, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics major, Philosophy minor, Globalization GEC
Activities/Involvement: Campus Culture Working Group, Academic Affairs  Committee, Varsity Ski Team, Spikeball Club

Shaina Lam, 17
Deering High School; Portland, ME
Psychology major, Asian Studies minor, Children, Adolescents, School GEC
Activities/Involvement: Reunion,
Student Government, Bobcat
Consulting Group, AASIA,
Sunshine Society, Community work in Lewiston/Auburn

elleElle Mata, ’17
School/Hometown: York School; Salinas, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Philosophy major, French minor, Chemistry GEC (Pre-Med)
Activities/Involvement: Tour Guide, Dinner Table Facilitator, Sunshine Society, Film board, Girl Scout Troop Leader in Lewiston/Auburn, French to English Translator for ILAP Attorneys

Honor Moshay, ’17
School/Hometown: Wildwood School; Los Angeles, CA
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics major, Rhetoric minor, Material Culture GEC
Activities/Involvement: Tour Guide, Tour Guide Coordinator, Equestrian Team, WRBC (Radio), Emerge Film Festival


Kyla Rabb, ’17
School/Hometown: Berkshire School; Stamford, CT
Majors/Minors/GECs: Politics major, Spanish minor, Racism GEC
Activities/Involvement: Women’s Soccer Team, Women’s Squash team


Amanda San Roman, ’17 
School/Hometown:  Earl L. Vandermeulen High School; Port Jefferson, NY
Majors/Minors/GECs: Rhetoric major, Spanish and Theater double minor
Activities/Involvement: Robinson Players,  Theater Productions, Orientation Week Leader, Campus Planning Committee

Fergus Scott, ’17
School/Hometown: Wellington College; Wellington, New Zealand
Majors/Minors/GECs: Interdisciplinary Studies and Philosophy double major, Music minor
Activities/Involvement: AESOP Leader, Robinson Players, Varsity Tennis,  Manic Optimist A Capella, Dance Club, Outing Club