• Bobcat Chat: Financial Aid
    Join Director of Student Financial Services Wendy Glass to learn more about our financial aid philosophy and practice. Tyler Lussier, Associate Dean of AdmissionWendy Glass, Director of Student Financial Services
  • Bobcat Chat: Sustainability Edition
    Stewardship of the wider world is woven into the Bates experience. Hear from community members about how Bates continues to lead conversation and action about sustainability in higher education. We’ll also touch on how we’ve reached our goal of being one of only seven colleges in the country to go Carbon Neutral! Liz McGonigle, Senior Associate Dean of AdmissionThomas Twist, Sustainability ManagerSophie Landes ‘21
  • Bobcat Chat: Community Engagement, Episode 1
    Interested learning more about Bates and how we connect with our surrounding community? Staff and students who engage with the nationally recognized Harward Center for Community Partnerships speak to community engaged learning, the Bonner Leader program, anti-racism work, and how our location makes Bates unique. Tyler Lussier, Associate Dean of Admission Leigh Weisenburger, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid Darby Ray, Director, Harward Center for…
  • Bobcat Chat: The International Student Experience
    Join our Director of International Enrollment, Associate Dean for International Student Programs, and international students for a conversation about the landscape at Bates and the student experience. Current students will also provide some reflections on the application process! Scott Alexander, Senior Associate Dean of Admission and Director of International Enrollment James Reese, Associate Dean for International Student Programs Nicole Kumbula ‘21 Kian Moaledj ‘23 Scarlett…
  • Bobcat Chat: Alumni Edition
    Get to know the Bates community through the lens of three alumni of the college. Johanna Farrar Seltzer ‘03, Senior Associate Dean and Director of Special ProjectsJacqueline Forney ‘18Alexandria Onuoha ‘20
  • Bobcat Chat: Clubs and Organizations
    What does life look like outside of the classroom? Join current students for a conversation about clubs, organizations, and student life in general! Clubs represented include Africana Club, Black Student Union, Bollywood Club, Club Soccer, Feminist Collective, Bates Outing Club, Robinson Players (Theater), Special Olympics, Ultimate Frisbee. Tyler Lussier, Associate Dean of AdmissionNicole Kumbula ‘21Jake Lamb ‘23Sophie Landes ‘21Armaan Mecca ‘21Joshua Redd ‘21Dylan Simon ‘21Bridget…
  • Support for Students and Educators Affected by Wildfires
    We wish any individuals affected by wildfires a quick and safe recovery as you return to school and work. We recognize that wildfires on the West Coast have added an additional hurdle to students in the midst of a year already complicated by the COVID-19 pandemic. For students affected by wildfires and in need of more time to submit application materials, we have extended our…
  • In Support of Students Who Engage in Protests or Walkouts
    Bates College supports students who are using their voices to constructively institute change in policies, to protest against systemic oppression, or to advocate for social justice and the future of our country and planet. Applicants will not be penalized in our admission process for missing class or disciplinary action resulting from engaging in civil disobedience and peaceful protest. Should you have any questions, please reach…
  • How Bates Bobcats Redefine Teamwork during the COVID-19 Era
    The Bates Bobcats are a team — no matter what. Although intercollegiate competition are canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic for the Fall 2020 semester, many Bobcat athletes have resumed training. Coaches and athletes discuss new safety measures, teamwork, and looking to the future.
  • The rhetoric of a Bates Convocation reminds us why we’re here
    After a summer where endless rounds of pandemic planning and announcements seemed to define the college enterprise, Bates’ Opening Convocation on Sept. 1 offered welcome reminders of what we’re all about.
  • Japanese Boatbuilding Practitioner-Taught Course
    Practitioner-Taught Courses during Short Term offer opportunities for students to explore more practical and applied areas of study that are available within the core liberal arts curriculum. In this unique academic course, boatbuilder and scholar Douglas Brooks taught students to learn as a traditional Japanese apprentice, honing the skills of observation, discernment, and reflection, as well as imitation – and hammering, chiseling, and knife sharpening….
  • Ariel Abonizio | Voices from the Class of 2020
    Ariel Abonizio ’20 of Cuiabá, Brazil, used a Purposeful Work internship and his extensive experience with the college’s Digital Media Studios to create virtual-reality tours of two major exhibitions at Museum L-A in downtown Lewiston.
  • Bobcat Chat: Athletics Edition, Episode 2
    Interested in athletics? Join coaches and student athletes for a conversation around our leagues, competing at Bates, and managing academics and athletics. Johie Seltzer ’03, Senior Associate Dean of Admission and former Bobcat athlete, led a conversation and Q&A on all things athletic at Bates College. She was joined by Jon Martin, Head Men’s Baseball Coach; Dani Ryder, Head Women’s Field Hockey Coach; Christopher Barker…
  • 10 Bates Alums You Should Know
    Throughout our history, Bates has been shaped by many incredible people who have learned and lived here. Meet 10 amazing alumni who have made an impact on Bates and the world.
  • Bates Mission Statement
    Current students and a recently-graduated alumna shared their favorite parts of the Bates mission statement and how it was reflected in their own experiences at Bates. In the order of appearance: Anna Gouveia ’22, Nour Al Twal ’21, Kian Moaledj ’23, Dawrin Silfa ’21, and Charlotte Karlsen ’20.
  • Bates College Information Session
    Jared Rivers, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, recorded a thirty minute Admission & Financial Aid Information Session on the Bates campus, community, and holistic admission process.
  • Favorite Places in L/A w/Leigh Weisenburger
    Leigh Weisenburger, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, gave us a brief guided tour of her favorite Lewiston spots, including the farmer’s market, the ever-popular Forage Market, and a sampling of Lewiston’s public art.
  • AESOP student leaders gear up for Orientation centerpiece
    The sweet spot of any AESOP trip — the three-night, four-day excursions each incoming first-year takes during Orientation — is the third day, says Avery Margerum ’18 of Wyncote, Pa. “The first day, everyone’s new,” he explains. “The second day, everyone’s kind of tired from the first day. Then the third day, everyone gets a second wind and is more comfortable around each other. I’m looking forward to that period where everyone is comfortable and happy, and we’re all just making trails.”
  • Slideshow: Bates photographers’ favorite images of 2016
    An ideal game of show-and-tell, experts say, allows children to share the feelings they have for their chosen object and, especially, to explain why they chose it. But show-and-tell isn’t just for kids. Below, Bates photographers Phyllis Graber Jensen and Josh Kuckens show their favorite photos from 2016 and tell you the feelings they have for their chosen images. On Frozen Pond “One December afternoon,…
  • 24 moments as the Class of 2018 gets to know Bates and vice-versa
    Bates photographers Sarah Crosby and Phyllis Graber Jensen followed the Class of 2018 from its arrival on Aug. 25 through the first week of classes. Here are 24 moments as 498 new students got to know Bates, and Bates got to know them. Monday, Aug. 25, 8:37 a.m. The markers on the road to becoming an official Bates student include getting accepted (of course), making…