Herzig, Rebecca

Rebecca Herzig



Women and Gender Studies


Pettengill Hall, Room 209

American Cultural Studies

Christian A. Johnson Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies

PluckedCover Rebecca Herzig holds the College’s only full-time faculty appointment in Women and Gender Studies. She is a contributing member of the Programs in African American Studies and American Cultural Studies, and regularly advises theses in AAS, ACS, and History. She teaches an array of interdisciplinary courses on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, science, technology, and medicine, including the required methods course for WGS, AAS, and ACS, Methods and Modes of Inquiry. She currently serves as chair of the Division of Interdisciplinary Programs as well as chair of the Program in Women and Gender Studies. Her latest book, Plucked: A History of Hair Removal (2015), is available now from NYU Press.