Interview Process

Processing a Request

Students will request an Alumni Interview on our website.

Selecting Interview Requests

You will receive periodic emails if there are unselected Alumni Interview Requests in your area. These requests can be viewed under “Available Interviewees” in your Slate Portal. Each request will list the student’s full name, city, state, distance from your home address, application round if the student has already submitted an application, and the date the student requested the interview.

Please note that information will only appear under “Round” if the student has already submitted an application. Shorthand for application rounds are as follows:

 Shorthand Application Round
 ED I Early Decision I (deadline Nov 15)
 ED II Early Decision II (deadline Jan 1)
 RD Regular Decision (deadline Jan 1)

You may click on the student’s name to see their high school and academic interests.

We ask that you prioritize older requests and/or requests from students who have applied Early Decision, given that these students will need to complete their interviews earlier. Please note that our expectations for the number of interviews completed by our volunteers remains the same –  one to two per season.

Once Selected

Once you have selected a request, it can be found under “My Interview Assignments” in your Slate Portal.

If you click on the student’s name, you will then be able to see the student’s email and phone number.

Please note that it is your responsibility to contact your interviewee to set up a time and public setting for the interview. Please reach out to the student within five days. If you do not hear from the student within a week, feel free to let us know at 

The Interview

The Bates alumni volunteer and the student will meet for the interview.  Interviews usually take 30-40 minutes, with a few minutes after reserved for time with parents. For further training, please see our guide to interviewing.

The Interview Report

After you have selected an interview request, you will receive periodic email reminders to submit your interview report. To submit your interview report, you will click on the selected student under “My Interview Assignments” in your Slate Portal. Click “File Report.”

Complete your report in the “Interviewer Comments” section, and click “Update” to submit.

You will receive a confirmation email that your interview report has been submitted.