About AIA

Welcome to the Alumni in Admission (AIA) network! Presently we have over 1,200 alumni volunteers in 46 states and 27 foreign countries. It is always a pleasure to embrace new enthusiastic volunteers into our ranks.

Our AIA volunteers were very productive during this recruitment cycle.  AIA members represented the College at over 50 college fairs, and 554 AIA members conducted 797 interviews with prospective students this year. In addition, many alumni supporters attended or hosted our annual April yield receptions held at various sites around the country. AIA volunteers play a vital role in the admissions process at Bates.

If you are interested in joining AIA, please fill out our registration form. To learn more about the network, explore the links to the left. You will find lots of information on the College and the admissions process, as well as support materials for volunteers who attend college fairs, interview prospective students, or attend an admissions reception in the fall or spring.

After you join AIA, stay well-informed about Bates and keep in touch with us. Keep us posted as your contact information changes. Feel free to email any questions my way.

Best wishes,

Bates College Office of Admission