Goals for Enrolling the Class

  • to recruit excellent students who will study in a wide array of academic disciplines and who will participate in the life of the Bates community in various ways
  • to support coaches as they recruit and try to enroll scholar-athletes for 30 varsity NCAAteams at Bates
  • to support directors of activities as they recruit and try to enroll students who will participate in Bates theater, music, dance, debate, art, and other activities
  • to maintain the gender balance (50% males / 50% females)
  • to maintain or improve the academic profile:
    Class of 2012 – 81% of the enrolling first-year students graduated in the top fifth of their HS class
    Median scores: Verbal 678/Math 678
    The middle 50% range for SAT submitters is V 650-690 / M 640-690
  • to maintain 20% racial / ethnic diversity (that is, under-represented US groups and international students and students of dual nationality)
  • to continue to achieve geographic diversity (50% from New England / 50% from the rest of the USA and international)
  • to increase the strength and diversity of all kinds represented in the applicant pool