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Diversity in Picture Books: Boston

District Hall
75 Northern Avenue
Boston, Mass. 02210
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Bring your family along for an alumni gathering, learn about Professor Krista Aronson’s Diverse BookFinder project, and participate in a story hour for children of all ages!

Associate Professor of Psychology Krista Aronson will lead a discussion about her Diverse BookFinder tool, which identifies and explores multicultural picture books.  Brenna Callahan ’15 will share how the Diverse BookFinder project grew out of student-faculty research and her thesis project.

During the discussion, recent graduate and Museum Educator at the Providence Children’s Museum Matthew Winter ’18 will host a story hour for children of all ages.

About the Presenters:

Professor Krista Aronson

Associate Professor of Psychology Krista Aronson poses in Ladd LibraryKrista Aronson is an associate professor of psychology at Bates.  She received her Ph.D. from the University of Michigan in 2003.  Her work focuses on illuminating how people come to a understand complex social constructs like race and ethnicity, including how children process and understand race as well as appropriate, effective and productive ways to discuss this topic with them; specifically, the effective use of picture books to enhance intercultural relationships and self-understanding during childhood.  Professor Aronson is a co-founder of the Diverse Book Collection in collaboration with Anne Sibley O’Brien children’s book creator, and Brenna Callahan ’15.

Brenna Callahan ’15

Brenna is a member of the Bates Class of 2015, currently enrolled in a MSW program at Smith College in Northampton, MA. She previously served as the Civic Leadership Post-Baccalaureate Fellow AmeriCorps VISTA out of the Harward Center and the Office of Residence Life and Health Education. Brenna received her bachelor’s degree in Education and Race, and French and Francophone Studies. After graduation, she taught 6th grade English and 4th grade in western Massachusetts.

This event is hosted by the Alumni Council.       See Who’s Coming!

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