Course Requirements for the Major

Six specific courses and one unit are required for the major:

Anth 101: Social Anthropology
Anth 103: Archaeology OR Anth 104: Human Evolution
Anth 333: Culture and Interpretation
Anth 339: Production and Reproduction
Anth 441: History of Anthropological Theory
Anth 458: Senior Thesis
Anth s10: Ethnographic Fieldwork OR Anth s32: Archaeology Fieldwork

There is no strictly defined sequence for these specifically required courses. However, students tend to schedule them in one of the following orders:

ON CAMPUS JR.YR.                JYA                     JSA

First Year: 101 & either 103 or 104 101 & 103 or 104 101 & 103 or 104
Second Year: either s10 or s32 333 and s10 or s32 either s10 or s32
Junior Year: 333 and 339 study abroad 339 or 333 & abroad
Senior Year: 441, 458 339, 441, 458 333 or 339, 441, 458

Majors must also complete at least four other courses in anthropology, not including 360’s (those are independent studies). The department offers many electives, many if not all are set at the 200-level. Two of these elective courses may be replaced — with departmental approval — by relevant courses from outside the department itself, or even from off-campus study. Each of you should consult with your advisor about any logical connections between your particular area of interest and fields of study other than anthropology.

Given the discipline’s emphasis on everyday life in other societies, our students are strongly encouraged to make use of study abroad options. We tend to favor longer (and/or multiple) visits to a single setting, but even shorter exposures (such as those available through off-campus Short Term units) can be helpful. Language study is also highly recommended.

Please note that a secondary concentration in anthropology is available at Bates.