Liz Purinton Izaki '98

Liz took a Bates Fall semester in Japan in 94 and continued studying JPN up to 402. She also took a junior semester abroad at Kansai Gaidai in the winter 97. She was shy and quiet in speaking, but her writing skill was excellent. She wrote 35 pages senior thesis (“Delay of the Reform of the Japanese Financial System) in Japanese. She was accepted to a graduate schooll, Thanderbird? in Arizona, but she decided not to go there immediately. She worked in her hometown for a year and the following year she applied for the JET program. She taught English in Nagasaki (Kyushu) for 3 years. She met a nice Japanese man (whom I met after they got married) and had a wedding at Bates chapel. Since she wanted to go to a graduate school, in 2003 the couple moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, where she started her MA degree in Japanese language and literature at University of Hawaii. She sometimes writes me. : ) <by Ofuji, 1-10-06>