Roger (Shih-Che) Lin '99

・JPN 101, 102, 401, 402 /East Asian Studies Major
・JYA at Doshisha University through the A.K.P. Program
・Thesis ”   ”
・Roger started studying Law at American University in the fall, ’99.
・”I just finished the first week of law school.  This was  probably one of the most difficult weeks I’ve ever experienced.  For  this semester we are required to take Property, Contract, civil  Procedure, Torts and Legal methods.  They are the most foundamental  knowledge and lawyering skills that I need to be trained in.  And they  are probably the most difficult classes I’ve taken so far.  Everyday, I  go to classes and discuss concepts and cases we read the night before  for 3 hours, then I go home to read another 6 hours worth of cases and  try to brief each of them.  Then I go to sleep.  Law School has proved  to be the most difficult project I’ve ever enbarked on but I feel I am  learning a lot and hopefully acquiring some important practical skills  analysing and arguing.  The school is very compatitive but the  atmosphere seems friendly and people seem to be willing to share  information with each other.  I think people who choose to come here  tend to be interested in the same issues such as international law and  human rights or some kind of public interest law. I guess I like it so  far and I came to conclusion that I must take life in law school one  day at a time otherwise it would just be too overwhelming and just hope  I make it.” <8/27/’99>

Roger (Shih-Che) Lin 99