Sooyeun Kim '98

・JPN 102, 201, 202, 301, 401 / Japanese for Secondary Concentration & Major for Art History
・Bates Fall Semester in Tokyo, in the fall of ’94;  NSK (Nihongo Studies in Kanazawa, Japan) by Princeton Univ. in summer of ’96; Summer Internship in Tokyo through Foval Foundation, in ’97.
・ “I am doing ok at home. I cannot believe it has been more than a year since i came back to Korea. time goes do fast…. After a year of working at art gallery, I decided to quit the job. While I was working, I had no free time even on weekends. Cannot you believe it?
so much work that you can ever imagine… I have strong desire to study again so that i decided to quit the job.  I am hoping to go to a graduate school next year, so  i need time to study GRE. I still want to study Art history but specialize in Japanese modern art or I want to get certificate of curatoral studies.” <Sep. 22, 1999>
・Sooyeun got a MA degree in Japanese Art History at University of Kansas. And now she is working at Smithsonian Museum as volunteer. She sometimes gives me(Ofuji) a phone call and talks in Japanese for an hour. She sent some snack to the 401 students in 05 when I told her I had a very good group of students. : ) Her Japanese is excellent. <by Ofuji, Jan. 10, 2006>

Sooyeun Kim 98