Fatone, Gina A.

Fatone, Gina A.


Associate Professor of Music


Music 207-753-6968Olin Arts Center, Room 256

Gina Fatone received her PhD in ethnomusicology from the University of California, Los Angeles. She teaches courses in ethnomusicology, world music, music theory, and directs the Bates College Gamelan (an Indonesian bronze percussion orchestra). Her research interests include oral mnemonics in the learning of instrumental music, musics of Indonesia, and the psychology of musical experience. Her articles on the incorporation of Balinese /gamelan/ into West Coast rave culture appear in/ECHO/ on-line journal (2000) and /Rave Culture and Religion/, Graham St. John, ed., (Routledge 2003). Her recent work includes a co-authored chapter (Fatone, Gina and Martin Clayton, Laura Leante, and Matthew Rahaim. “Imagery, Melody, and Gesture in Cross-Cultural Perspective”) in /New Perspectives on Music and Gesture/ (Gritten and King, eds.) forthcoming from Ashgate in 2009.  See also: an article describing her dissertation research