2012 Preventive Incentive Program

Make 2012 the year to B Well!

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This month marks the start of a new B Well incentive program for the bates community.  The focus of the program will be to stress the importance of knowing your health risk as well as proactively utilizing preventive health care services.

The reason for the health risk assessment is to increase awareness of our health risks.  The online assessment uses a 0-100 point scoring system to categorize you into a health risk.  The higher your score, the greater your risk.   Additionally, your score will provide you with areas that you can focus on to improve your score (i.e. eating more fruits and vegetables to help lower blood pressure).

The importance of having a primary care provider will not go unnoticed this year.  In a complicated health care system, having a PCP is crucial for keeping you well.  Not only does this give you easier access to care when you are sick, it also keeps you away from unnecessary trips to the ER.  Additionally, having a care provider that knows your health history and can monitor your health on a consistent basis will yield much better health outcomes!


Rewards – 

All employees (covered under Aetna or not) and spouses (of those under the Aetna plan) will be eligible.  The incentive program has two relatively simple pieces.

– First, the employees participate in an online Health Risk Assessment found under the Aetna navigator section of aetna.com.

– Second, the employees designate a primary care physician in Aetna navigator.

If both are completed, you will receive a $25 gift card from corporate rewards and a salad bar discount sticker (or your choice of another B Well prize).


Feel Like Challenging Yourself Further?

If you’d like to take it a step further, you can participate in an online wellness program of your choice and receive a $50 gift certificate.

The online wellness program is also found under Aetna navigator at Aetna.com.  You will have the opportunity to choose from several options for programs including nutrition, exercise, smoking cessation, sleep improvement, and stress management.  The wellness programs take 30 days to complete and include an initial consultation followed by a personalized plan.  At the 30 day mark, you will receive a follow-up evaluation which will qualify you for the $50 gift certificate.


Questions? Contact B Well Program Coordinator Mike Milliken at 753-6936 or mmillike@bates.edu

Let 2012 be the year to B Well!