Aetna Simple Steps Program

Together We Can! Hold Down the Cost of Our Health Insurance Premiums!

Aetna recognizes that if you know your health risk factors and take steps to control them, it will lead to less costly medical care.

Aetna has designed their Simple Steps To A Healthier Life® online wellness program to improve your overall health or simply fine-tune your daily habits. (Click here for more information)

Aetna Navigator is your members-only website. It’s secure, so your information is protected. Use it whenever you like to manage your health and your health benefits.

Go to Click on “Register Now” in the “Members: Secure Information” section. (Click here for more information).

Know Your Numbers! There is power in knowing your numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.).  These numbers are important indicators of your health.  When they are out of normal range, it’s a signal that you could have a higher risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.  (Click here for a convenient wallet card to record your screenin results)

Personal Health Record

Introducing your private and secure Personal Health Record — brought to you by Aetna.  A way to securely track yours and your family’s health.  (Click here for more information)