Boot Camp and Early Morning Gym

“I have two favorite times to work out with our B-Well program. One is the open gym at the Davis Center. It’s awesome. At 6:00 am (MWF) there are absolutely no lines for the equipment. It’s a great time for getting my strength training in. (I want to keep the metabolism up) There are form rollers, jump ropes, bikes, and steps just to name a few things other than the nautilus equipment and hand weights that I work out with.  Another program I benefit from and enjoy is the boot camp at 8:00 am (MWF) with Mike Milliken. What a great instructor! You get lots of encouragement (from Mike and everyone involved), energy from Mike and the workout, a workout that you can adjust to your level of work, a well rounded workout, meet co-workers, open line of communications on your workouts, and I could go on and on. I just love this class. The class starts with Marvelous Mondays and ends with Fun Fridays, there’s also a Wednesday in there (not sure what we call it). The B-Well program has made me a happier, healthier person. Oh, I can’t forget to mention the confidence it gives me.One big thing I like about attending these classes is that I see people on campus that I normally wouldn’t see. It’s fun.  I really look forward to the workouts and miss them when I can’t make it.”

– Jan Perreault


“Finally, after a number of years of trying different methods for incorporating a real exercise regimen into my week, Boot Camp is it!  Mike Milliken provides professional, engaging instruction that changes from day to day and includes a wide range of types of exercise. The workouts are hard but paced so that anyone at any level can participate. The camaraderie of the group is wonderful and working out with partners really does help to keep us all devoted to making ourselves healthier.  My friends are amazed at what Bates offers for free to staff to keep us healthy.  Thanks Bates!”

– Holly Lasagna


“Yoga is something that I always thought I should try but never made time for.  I have tried a couple of classes over the years and never felt particularly inspired to return to them.  However, my experience with Lydia’s yoga class has been quite different.  In fact, as a couple of classmates and I joke about, it is ‘addictive’.  I know structure my week so that Tuesdays and Thursdays at noon are free for yoga!  I like the fact that the class is very physical and think that Lydia does a remarkable job providing prompts that really help me understand the movements in my own body.  The class has had benefits for me beyond simply increasing my strength and flexibility; some of the benefits are hard to describe.  She creates an environment where it feels safe to try new things.  I was certain that I would never ever try a headstand and yet now I love to do them.   The class is definitely one of the high points of my work week!”

– Rachel Austin


“Lydia is a wonderful yoga teacher, and especially for people at a variety of levels of experience.  She moves the class from one thing to another effectively, and has a wonderfully supportive and cheerful approach.”

– Bill Hiss


I have taken advantage of most of the B-Fit classes at Bates, tone and tighten, yoga, zumba and cross fit.  Cross fit training has made a significant difference in my fitness level and physique.  The peer support, camaraderie of the group and the aerobic exercise keep me committed.  I would strongly encourage everyone to take advantage of the classes.   I can only say great things about the quality of the instructors and classes offered through the B-Well program.  Please join me at the gym.”

Lorna Clark