Student Government Minutes 11/7/18

News From Dining: A Student Government Update

Student Government had an exciting open meeting on November 7th, in which we welcomed our new representatives from the Class of 2022 and met with staff from dining and members of the EcoReps to discuss food services around campus. To begin, we reminded everyone who was present that all Student Government meetings are open to any interested students, and that our minutes are posted online each week. We also discussed the Dance Marathon, which officially has over 100 Bates students registered! (For more information, or to register, visit )

Christine Schwartz began our discussion with some background on dining services at Bates. She told us that 28% of food in Commons is sourced from the state of Maine, which is one of the many reasons why Bates dining is nationally recognized for its efforts in sustainability. Commons operates on a five week cycle with the goal of accommodating all students, regardless of dietary restrictions. We celebrated several new items in Commons this year: fat free and full fat plain yogurt are now both being served, Sundae Sunday is now every Sunday, and lobster mac and cheese returned to Harvest Dinner.

The main message that Schwartz and those who accompanied her had for students is that they love to hear our ideas and want to accommodate our needs whenever possible. Students with serious allergies or related worries should contact dining services, and they will try to accommodate them whenever possible. Every napkin put on the board is read and taken into consideration. Lastly, Commons is more than just a space to eat on our campus; it acts as a great space for programs like Green Dot to spread their messages. Dining welcomes programs like these, and hopes to connect with the Bates community on any ideas they may have.