Assembly members serve to represent the interests of the class year they were elected to serve. There are four assembly members per class year. Have a concern or comment about Bates that you want student government to look into or take care of? Contact your assembly members or submit to the feedback form!

Class of 2020

Ryan Lizanecz

NameRyan Lizanecz



Why I ran: 

Julia Panepinto

Name: Julia Panepinto


Hometown: Buffalo, NY

Why I ran: I believe BCSG has the potential to make improvements on campus. As a two sport athlete, my position as the Athletic Committee Chair ensures that I know the issues students like me face and want to see fixed. I know there are practical solutions to student frustrations on campus and I have the experience and relationships with administrators to make that happen.

Committee Position: Athletics Committee Chair

Fun fact: I am the President of the Bates Weightlifting Team.

Class of 2021

Perla Figuereo

Name: Perla Figuereo


Hometown: Bronx, NY and Santiago de Los Caballeros, Dominican Republic

Why I ran: I ran for BCSG my first year at Bates and have continued to be part of it because I want to see change on this campus. I am interested in making the lives of students here better by listening to the things that they think would better the Bates experience.

Committee Positions: Chair of Student Affairs

Fun Fact: I love introducing myself in different languages and I want to make horror films in the future. 

William Hibbitts

Name: William Alastair Hibbitts


Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Why I ran: I ran for student government to return Bates to its original progressive and egalitarian values. I’ve been a left-wing activist since I was 16 years old, and I want to bring the determined spirit that I developed back then to student government. I hope to work together with my colleagues and the student body to make sure that Bates puts its students first!

Committee Positions: Academics Chair

Fun fact: I have a one kilogram brick of pu-erh tea in my drawer.

Lebanos Mengitsu

Name: Lebanos Mengistu


Hometown: Somerville, MA and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Why I ran: To bring about positive change in this amazing community of hardworking, passionate, and creative people.

Committee Positions: Vice President, Executive Board, Chair of the Security Council.

Fun Fact: I was born in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and moved to the States when I was just four-years-old.

Alya Yousuf

Name: Alya Yousuf



Why I ran:

Committee Positions:

Fun fact: 

Class of 2022

Losseni Barry

Name: Losseni Barry


Hometown: New York, NY

Why I ranI ran because I want Bates to be an equitable community. Furthermore, I want to learn from others and their stories.

Committee Positions: Campus/Facility Development Chair 

Fun fact: I put the milk before the cereal. 

Sobie Sobolewski

Name: Sobie Sobolewski


Hometown: Oakton, VA

Why I ran: I ran because I wanted to be more involved on campus.  Bates has been a second home to me, and I want to give back to the community that has been exceptionally kind and generous to me.

Committee Positions: Athletics

Fun fact: My favorite show is Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting.

Mark Su

Name: Mark Su



Why I ran:

Committee Positions:

Fun fact: 

Class of 2023

Imti Hassan

Name: Imti Hassan


Hometown: Portland, Maine

Why I ran: I ran so I can promote inclusivity and diversity within the Bates Community. I hope to be a piece of the bridge between the student government and the students of Bates. I ran so I can be a messenger for the class of 2023 and to create needed change within our community.

Committee Positions: Student Affairs

Fun fact: I play the Ukulele and love to jam out! If you ever want to play or learn the Uke, feel free to email me or meet in my person

Rishi Madnani

Name: Rishi Madnani


Hometown: Langhorne, PA

Why I ran: I want to spread love.

Committee Positions: Student Affairs

Fun fact: I can’t think of one but come talk to me and we’ll find one together.

Kush Sharma

Name: Kush Sharma


Hometown: New Delhi, India

Why I ran: Being a college student is difficult but being an international college student is twice as difficult. As an international student here at Bates, I felt the need to represent the diverse international student body of Bates and do everything I can, to the best of my ability, for the international student body.

Committee Positions: Academics

Fun fact: I was named after the son of a Hindu god but in 3rd Grade, I found out Kush’s meaning in the pop culture when I stumbled across Dr. Dre’s song “Kush”. But that is not what my name means.