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Minutes for 11/13/2019

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Minutes for 10/30/2019

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Minutes for 10/23/2019

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Minutes for 10/9/2019

Notes for the meeting.

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Bates College Student Discount Program

Bates College Student Discount Program All discounts apply with a valid Bates…

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Student Government Meeting Minutes 3/27/19

Restructuring, a Student Discount Program, and Dodgeball: A Student Government Update In…

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Student Government Minutes 1/16/19

Generation Action, Elections, and Printing: A Student Government Update At the Student…

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Student Government Minutes 11/7/18

News From Dining: A Student Government Update Student Government had an exciting…

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Student Government Minutes 10/24/18

The New Printer, Dining Meeting, and Club Connections: Student Government Updates At…

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Student Government Minutes 9/26/18

Parking, Wifi, and a Party: Student Government Updates On September 26, we…

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