Application for Additional Club Funding

**Please note that applications submitted will not be reviewed until after the winter semester begins on January 8, 2018.**

Additional club funding is designed to enable clubs to hold events/programs, initiatives, and attend conferences, meets, and tournaments that clubs cannot cover with their initial Student Government budget allocation. Please be advised that you should allow a minimum of two weeks’ processing time. Applications that are submitted that require funds for a date that is less than two weeks away may not be approved.

This resource can be accessed to support the following:

Conferences & Professional Development Opportunities

Must be relevant to the club’s mission.

Tournaments & Meets

On the occasion that clubs do not have the funds available in their respective budgets.

Special Events

Such as performances by musicians, speakers, comedians, etc. You may also request special event funds to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages for an event, but only for events in which food would enhance the event. This would include cultural events and meals, recruitment events, programs for which food would be a value added such as a pre-concert/performance reception, etc.

Note that you may apply for harm reduction for special events, as well. For example, a club may seek funds to pay for a comedian but also apply for harm reduction funds to support the event.

Harm Reduction

This is defined as resources to assist in making events/programs safer and more enjoyable for students. Harm Reduction funds could include:

  • Security hired through Campus Life. Clubs should plan on a cost of approximately $190.
  • Event Support Assistants (ESAs) hired through Campus Life. ESAs provide additional staffing for events and will work with security to ensure the event is managed properly. Estimated cost, depending on the event is $80 to $160.
  • Non-alcoholic beverages
  • Food
  • Additional programming in connection with large-scale campus events