Community Care Clubs

Bates community care clubs work to make the Bates College community a better place to engage and live through programming and services designed to encourage and reinforce health at the individual and community levels.

You may view the list of community care club contacts, advisors, and storage spaces here.

Active Minds FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Active Minds works to raise awareness about mental health issues and promote a positive, supportive culture on the Bates campus. Through discussions, speakers, film viewings, events, and more we hope to fight the stigma surrounding mental illness with concrete information and an ongoing inclusive dialogue. We have weekly meetings to discuss the mental health issues facing our community and how to best address them.

Fac/Staff Advisor: Anita Charles

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitter

Bates Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is a Maine licensed EMS service that provides emergency care to the Bates College community. All members are volunteers that have completed the Emergency Medical Technician course and the service is entirely student run. Bates EMTs volunteer their time to be on call and are ready to respond to any campus emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week whenever school is in session. While on call, EMT’s carry radios to communicate with other crew members and Bates Security. Bates EMS not only provides medical care to those in need, but offer lectures and training sessions to keep their EMT skills proficient. They also sponsor blood drives for the college and hold information sessions in residences at the beginning of the year to give information about the service and campus safety.

Office: Chase Hall 217
Storage: Chase Hall 203 – Cabinet C

Special Olympics Club

The Special Olympics Club is a club that connects the Bates community with individuals with intellectual disabilities through sport to build friendships and help lead the social justice movement of Special Olympics. We plan and participate in a number of volunteer events for Special Olympics throughout the school year.

Student Support Network FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Student Support Network’s purpose is to provide a group of trained peer advocates to help students by offering confidential one-on-one meetings. The Student Support Network consists of trained peer-advocates, who conduct these meetings. Trainings are held at the beginning of each semester. These individual meetings offer a safe space where students can speak their minds to an empathetic peer. While the college experience can be overwhelming, not everyone feels comfortable seeking professional help and we seek to offer another form of support. In no way does the Student Support Network attempt to diagnose students or take the place of Health Services or other professional resources. This group exists to serve the student body through peer-to-peer conversation and support. The Student Support Network works alongside with Active Minds to form the Mental Health Alliance, a group of students committed to removing the stigma attached to mental illness.

Fac/ Staff Advisor: Hannah Weiss

Sunshine Society 

The purpose of the Sunshine Society is to make Bates an even happier, friendlier and more exciting place. The club encourages community among Batesies. The Sunshine Society promotes and facilitates random acts of kindness on campus that increase daily happiness. By “random acts of kindness” we are referring to events, activities and contests that will help to spread community and happiness across the Bates campus.