Economics Clubs

Bates economics clubs deal with all things finance related. They aim to educate and instill a sense of fiscal responsibility in all Bates students and the community at large.

You may view the list of economics club contacts, advisors, and storage spaces here.

Bates Micro Loan Program

Bates Micro Loan Program club was established to provide students with the opportunities to take out a short-term loan to purchase necessities and to aid in the process of putting down summer down payments for internship housing. We also provide extensive business experience and operations opportunities for members involved in the process to see how loans are made and repaid. The goal is to ensure that everyone on campus has equal access to the same academic and social opportunity on campus regardless of economic background.

Bobcat Ventures FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitterInstagramwebsite

Bobcat Ventures provides a space where entrepreneurship can thrive. Through workshops, lectures, and trips we seek to provide students with resources and mentorship to help them formulate ideas into business models. We envision a Bates where students can identify and develop innovative solutions to problems in our community. The highlight of Bobcat Ventures is Bates’ own entrepreneurship competition, where students vie for up to $10,000 worth of prizes. By hosting this competition, we hope to build a bridge between our liberal arts education with the expanding industry of entrepreneurship in order to put theory into application.

Entrepreneurs Club

The Bates Entrepreneurs Club provides a creatively stimulating atmosphere for students to come together and discuss entrepreneurship. It is an informal environment geared toward bouncing ideas off each other in regards to what a successful start up would look like, primarily within the framework of a college campus. In addition, we also congregate once a week in order to help educate each other about what the raw fundamental components are that make up the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Being an entrepreneur is about fostering healthy relationships with people and coming together to fuse ideas. This is precisely what we do on a weekly basis during our meetings. We are a team of driven individuals that think creatively about what we can do to ultimately change the world around us for the better in order to enrich the lives of people who surround us. The second function of our club is acting as somewhat of a venture capital firm. In other words, students not affiliated with our club may bring their start up ideas forth in hope for financial backing. This has happened in the past and has proven to be quite successful with the proper analysis which is executed by club members.

Hedge Fun’d

The Bates College “Hedge Fun’d” offers economically and financially interested students with the opportunity to both learn about electronic trading and to compete in intercollegiate trading tournaments internationally. We provide students with the hands on learning experience of a trading interface that resembles real transactional software used by financial groups and organizations. In our meetings we will cover a variety of relevant financial trading concepts and work on simulated trading cases. In tournaments, trading teams are assessed based on their success in the situational cases. The cases simulate all kinds of market scenarios for risk and opportunities with a focus on relevant investment, portfolio, or risk management objectives.

Investment Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Bates College Investment Club manages a real ~$100,000 portfolio on behalf of the college, in support of student financial aid. The club’s portfolio yielded a return of 9% in the academic year 2012-2013! Weekly meetings are held to teach the basic investment analysis, learn about the financial markets and vote on specific investment proposals. No prior knowledge or investment experience is required, and students from all majors are welcome. Joining the club is highly recommended for those who may be considering finance as a possible career as well as those who want to learn about managing their own money.

Fac/Staff Advisor: Geoff Swift