Social Justice Clubs

Bates social justice clubs believe in equitable distribution of privilege, opportunity, and power in our society, and work both within and outside the Bates community to create positive change for humanity and to make our world a better place.

You may view the list of social justice club contacts, advisors, and storage spaces here.

Bates Buddies

Bates Buddies in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters, seeks to provide mentorship to children in Lewiston’s elementary schools through one-on-one mentoring and after-school activities. Student volunteers go to the schools weekly for lunch/recess and to lead after-school clubs for grades 2-5. The Bates Buddies and Little Buddies interact in a fun and enriching environment, so please email if interested!

Bates Builds FB-f-Logo__blue_29Instagramwebsite

Bates Builds/Habitat for Humanity’s mission as a Bates College club and a chapter of Habitat for Humanity is to establish an avenue for Bates students to make a lasting, visible impact in the lives of those in need of decent, affordable shelter in the Lewiston/Auburn community and abroad. We build locally and abroad. Our goal is to allow Bates students many opportunities to constructively interact with the Lewiston/Auburn community and communities across New England. At the end of each trip, there should be a visible difference in the project and in the lives of the partnering families and students.We put on weekly fundraisers with the Habitat Waffle Haus or with other creative means. Our Larger fundraisers include an international dodgeball tournament and a haunted house. The goal of these fundraisers is to provide awareness for our cause, have fun, and raise funds for build trips in the process. Check out our website for more information!

Cats Against Cancer FB-f-Logo__blue_29

‘Cats Against Cancer has a primary goal of uniting the Bates community in the fight against cancer, while reducing cancer incidences and mortality through education and support. We run several events such as Right Care Action week, The Dempsey Challenge, and monthly awareness initiatives. Additionally, Bates ‘CAC holds multiple fundraisers throughout the year for various cancer foundations, collaborates with the Dempsey Center at Central Maine Medical Center, and works to increase awareness and knowledge in the Bates community about healthy habits related to cancer prevention. In joining ‘CAC, you are provided the opportunity to make a significant impact on the lives of those both within the Bates community and beyond.

Environmental Coalition fb-f-logo__blue_29

Environmental Coalition focuses on improving environmental awareness and responsibility at Bates and in the Lewiston-Auburn community. We work towards these goals with many different approaches, including awareness campaigns of environmental issues and campaigning for changes to local or regional environmental policy. Recently we’ve been taking on more artistic approaches including recycled sculptures and water consciousness reminders posted in showers. It is important to note that EC is run by its members, and this means that new issues are always welcome. We are always looking forward to meeting new people passionate as we are about the environment. Come to a meeting and inform other members of your ideas; before you know it a new campaign will be kicking off!

Feminist Collective FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Feminist Collective is an intersectional, inclusive, and polyphonic feminist organization that is open to all genders and gender non-conforming people. It advocates for, and carries out, initiatives promoting the well-being and equality of women-identifying, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals on the Bates campus and beyond. We foster discussion, awareness, and activism around local, national, and international issues of gender, sex, and sexuality. A primary intention of the organization is to create a safe, liberated, and empowering environment in which local residents, students, faculty, and staff can meet outside of academic settings to exchange ideas and build communities. We want to spark and encourage campus discourse on feminist issues, and help facilitate the empowerment of woman-identifying and gender-queer individuals! We hold bi-monthly meetings during which we discuss things like the word “feminism” and its various connotations and historical derivations; porn; the intersections between gender and other categories of identity such as race, class, ability, and appearance; the gender binary; Communism, etc. Anyone who is interested is welcome to come to our meetings and events – we do not expect any prior knowledge or any one type of opinion – in fact, as long as everyone is genuinely interested in dialogue, we very much want a heterogeneity of thought, personality, and politics!

Office: Chase Hall 204

J Street U FB-f-Logo__blue_29

J Street U consists of members of the Bates College Community who stand for and are working towards peace, security and social justice in Israel, the future state of Palestine and across the Middle East. As supporters of Israel, we are firmly committed to protecting the future of the state as a Jewish democratic homeland. We believe the fates of a secure Israel and a viable Palestinian state are intertwined. The peace and security of both peoples is achievable only through a negotiated, two-state solution.

Public Health Initiative FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitterInstagram

The Bates Public Health Initiative provides students with an opportunity to engage in public health outreach both on the Bates campus and in the community. Students will experience the social, economic, cultural, and political aspects of public health through designing and implementing health education and outreach programs.

ReMasc FB-f-Logo__blue_29website

ReMasc, formerly Men Against Sexual Violence (MASV), is a discussion and action-based group that closely examines and critiques traditional masculinity on campus and in media. Via weekly group discussion and planning meetings, film screenings, and other open events and rallies, we promote the important message that men can be active agents of change regarding social justice issues, particularly in the context of ending sexual violence. We collaborate with other culture-changing organizations on campus, each of which offers an important voice and perspective on how to go about discussing important and related questions of masculinity, privilege, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, and class. The group is a reminder to the campus that there are indeed men at Bates that are actively committed to ending violence of all kinds. We are open to members of all gender identities. Visit our Facebook page and find out more about us on our website!

Staff Advisor: Blake Reilly
Storage: Office of Intercultural Education

Sexual Violence Awareness Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Sexual Violence Awareness Club is dedicated to raising awareness, prompting conversation, and inspiring action on issues surrounding sexual violence. It is eager to include as many different types of people, teams, and clubs into our dialogue and our events; we believe sexual violence is a subject that affects individuals in varying ways. Our bi-monthly meetings feature discussion questions and organizing. In Short Term 2016 the Club organized and ran an “Art Expose”, that featured dance, poetry, song, and art which helped to raise awareness surrounding the struggles of sexual violence. Our goals for the 2016-17 year are to create more events like the Art Expose, increase the amount of dynamic, safe conversations on controversial subjects inside and outside the club, and potentially bring in speakers to Bates.

Slow Food FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The purpose of Slow Food Bates is to spread knowledge of the value and importance of local food through partnerships with community farms, including the Bates College Garden, and local small-food producers. We foster connections with the community through visits to local farms and businesses. To further promote the value and importance of the integrity of food, including the food we consume at Bates, members work in the Bates College garden, the produce of which directly supplies Commons, maintaining beds during the growing season, and overseeing small-scale herb and micro-green production.

Inactive for the 2015-16 academic year.

Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Students for Justice and Peace in Palestine is a pro-Palestinian student group at Bates committed to a just peace: an end to the occupation and colonization of Palestinian land, the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes, and equal rights for people of all faiths and ethnicities in the region. Our goals are to serve as a resource for students on issues pertaining to Palestine, to foster understanding of the Palestinian narrative, to advocate for Palestinian rights, and to participate in initiatives aimed at combating oppression and racism. The club’s activities will include attending national solidarity conferences, hosting guest lectures and film showings, and spearheading boycott and divestment initiatives.

Women in Leadership FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Bates College Women in Leadership provides undergraduate women with the opportunity to elevate themselves both personally and professionally. This new club aims to bridge the gap between academic and professional life for undergraduate women. Each semester we strive to offer a variety of programs for our members and visitors geared towards career-oriented guidance from peers, alumni, and faculty.