Special Interest Clubs

Bates special interest clubs defy categorization – they are an eclectic group of clubs that are focused on a particular mission or passion. Through extracurricular programs and club meetings, they aim to explore a topic of interest that is likely not engaged with anywhere else on campus.

You may view the list of special interest club contacts, advisors, and storage spaces here.

Anime Club

Anime Club meets once a week on Sundays to watch episodes of Japanese anime series or movies. The meetings typically last for an hour to two hours and are a great way to learn about anime and take a study break. In the past, we’ve watched series such as Cowboy Bebop, Baccano, and FLCL, and movies by directors Hayao Miyazaki and Satoshi Kon, among others.

Badminton Club

Badminton Club meets weekly in the Gray Cage. The club offers an opportunity for Bates students to play badminton in a relaxed setting on campus. All equipment is provided and no experience is necessary. We’ll teach you how to play or challenge you to a game. It’s a great way to have fun on the weekend!

Bates Comedy Club

We are the Bates College Comedy Club. If you haven’t heard of us, that’s probably because we just popped into existence once you checked the school website. But since you now know of us; time to learn about us. We like cracking jokes, playing pranks, watching comedies, scheming and other funny things. You like funny things? You think you’re funny? Join the club.

Bates Fishing Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitterInstagramwebsite

The purpose of the BFC is to establish a fishing community on campus that will provide students, faculty and alumni a new and exciting avenue to enjoy a region so rich in water resources. The Club will serve as a medium through which fellow fishermen can discuss fishing, acquire information about the sport, plan future endeavors and promote conservation and sustainability. This BFC will be a springboard for people to learn what the local waters offer and to experience places in the area that the average student or faculty member may not otherwise have a chance to enjoy. Spin and fly-fishing tactics will be taught as well fly tying and water ecology of the area. Although the Club will inevitably encompass many of the sport’s infinite avenues, initial efforts will be to create an opportunity for non-fishers to get involved and gain a basic understanding of the sport. The main focus will be to give students a legitimate network of students to go fishing with and the means and guidance by which to go fishing.

Bates Grappling Club

Description coming soon!

Bates Outing Club (BOC) FB-f-Logo__blue_29Instagramwebsite

The Bates Outing Club was founded in 1920 and is among the oldest collegiate outing clubs in the country and the first at a private college to include both men and women from the beginning. Every member of the Bates College community is technically a member of the club. Its administration is set up into officers, directors, and a Council composed of active members. The directors are largely responsible for the administrative aspects of the club while the officers run the outing activities. The organization offers year-round trips throughout New England for hiking, climbing, skiing, canoeing, surfing, and kayaking and many more. Every year the club hosts activities including two Clambakes, Winter Carnival and a hike up Katahdin, each of which remain popular campus-wide events. The club has strong participation from every class year and remains one of the most popular clubs on campus.

Storage: E-Room by the loading dock behind Chase Hall

Bates Spinning FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Bates Spinning is a club that holds three indoor spinning classes per week, giving students a new and exciting way to exercise and sweat out their stress!

Bobcat Consulting Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The Bobcat Consulting Club is a student-run organization that focuses on bridging the gap between a Liberal Arts Education and a career in Consulting. The BCC introduces students to consulting through educational presentations and exercises as well as provides opportunities for students to apply these learned skills. As an organization, we pride ourselves in building upon Bates’ mission of civic engagement by providing voluntary services to nonprofits in the Lewiston-Auburn area.

Brooks Quimby Debate Council FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitterwebsite

Debate and Bates are practically synonymous. Today, as one of the world’s premier debating societies, we compete domestically against other teams in the American Parliamentary Debate Association, and participate in a number of international debating events, such as the World Universities Debating Championships. Debate is a great way to develop your mind, compete successfully against the top schools in the country, travel around the country and the world, and have a lot of fun. No prior experience is necessary; some of our best debaters started while at Bates. Visit our Facebook Page! Come join us!

Fac/Staff Advisor: Jan Hovden
Practice Space: Pettigrew 309

Chess Club

Chess Club is a club for chess enthusiasts, casual players, and beginners alike. Meeting weekly in Chase Hall, Chess Club provides an atmosphere for everything from friendly games to more advanced studying of theory. Everyone is welcome at Chess Club!

Storage: Chase Hall 207

Cooking Club

Come be a member of the Bates cooking club! Here, we allow students who wish to cook or want to learn to cook an opportunity to do so. By facilitating a safe environment in form of a dinner table, members will not only build relationships but also enjoy the experience of learning a new skill. We intend to connect to different cultures through different dishes. In doing so, we encourage any students with little to no experience to join!

Dharma Society FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Dharma Society is a meditation club. We hold meditation sessions Monday-Friday at 4:15 in Gomes Chapel. Once or twice per semester we have an all day retreat either on campus or at Shortridge. Dharma Society is open to people of all faiths, creeds, backgrounds, etc. People with no experience are encouraged to join–that’s how everyone gets started! Come for one sitting and discover the power of meditation to help you relax and find inner peace.

Discordians FB-f-Logo__blue_29

We host everything from the fall Leaf Jump to Magic: the Gathering tournaments to the campus-wide Humans vs. Zombies game in the spring. If you want to learn to play Dungeons & Dragons, watch a movie while sipping a delicious smoothie, or duel your friends with foam swords on the quad, come to one of our awesome events! The Discordians are committed to offering chem-free activities open to all students. We’re always happy to welcome new members! Visit our Facebook Page.

Storage: Chase Hall 203B

Fat Cats FB-f-Logo__blue_29twitterInstagram

The Bates College Competitive Eating Club, formed in 2011, is the 2nd collegiate competitive eating club in the country and is known on campus as the FatCats. The club hosts and attends various eating competitions as well as challenges throughout the Northeast. One of the major functions of the club is to grill food for Bates Students. The Pig Roast is hosted every short term by the FatCats, with hot dogs for lunch and a 300+ pound pig served for dinner. Check us out on Facebook!

Filmboard FB-f-Logo__blue_29website

Filmboard provides showings of new films and documentaries for Bates and the larger community. Films are shown for only $1 and we occasionally provide snacks. Filmboard’s objective is to offer an alcohol-free event. Additionally, working with other clubs on campus allows for a diverse range of film screenings and great discussions. Members help select and show films. New faces are always welcome!

Knit Wits

The Knit Wits is Bates’ only knitting club, not that you’d need more than one. The main focus of the group is knitting, but the crocheting population is growing! The group participates in a range of activities including charity work, yarn-bombing, to just stitching and chatting. We encourage all those who are professional grannies/interested in knitting/would like to learn to knit/just like hanging out with some awesome people to join us!

Storage: The Ronj

Masterpiece Theatre

Masterpiece Theatre Club is devoted to PBS Masterpiece Theatre programming, which airs BBC period dramas on American television. This is a club where students can come see their favorite Victorian novel or Shakespearean play brought to life. Students can gather and celebrate period dramas they already know and love, as well as marvel at new adaptations. The Masterpiece Theatre Club presents a formidable combination; it is the opportunity to take a break in the workday, while at the same time stimulating the mind by broadening exposure to classic works of literature, their themes, and their historical context through film.

Mock Trial Team FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Our five year old team is both competitive, and a lot of fun. We spend a few months preparing a trial, including writing opening and closing statements, and direct and cross-examinations. We annually attend the regional competitive tournament at Yale, where we compete against other New England colleges and universities. Two years ago, we were only one win from moving on to the national competition. Mock Trial presents a great experience to bond with a group of Batesies, while engaging in a challenging and extremely fun activity. If you’re interested in law, public speaking, or acting, then Mock Trial is a great place to hone those skills. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a politics major or pre-law. No experience is necessary to join!

Paintball Club 

The Bates Paintball Club has become a popular new club among Bates students. Our club is most popular to those who have never tried paintball before, or have not played in years. Safety is our top priority. Participants will inevitably have fun playing on either the Speed-Ball or Woods-Ball courses. Markers and masks are provided free of charge by the club. The Paintball Club hosts outings only ten minutes away. Outings occur in the early fall and during the spring (typically during Short Term).

Protect Our Breasts

Protect Our Breasts is a national non-profit, aimed at educating college-aged individuals about endocrine-disrupting chemicals in their everyday care products and other exposure sources.

Shred Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29Instagram

Shred Club seeks to promote, expand and assist the shredding community on Bates Campus and within the greater Lewiston-Auburn community. A great way to explore the many rip-able and grind-able corners of Maine, Shred Club is the only club worth your time. All forms of shredding are welcome and encouraged, from skateboarding to steetluge, to surfing to tow in big wave kayaking.

Slackline Club

What is slacklining you ask? Well let me enlighten me you oh so curious Batesie. Slacklining is everything you’ve ever desired in life. It is the will to do the impossible. The power to impress all those who ogle at you while balanced precariously on the line. It is walking the line between achievement and failure. Put quite simply, slacklining is awesome and ineffable. If your curiosity has been peaked, which it should have been by now if you are at all an interesting person, you should, nay, must, come to a slackline club meeting. We welcome all ability levels, from those who call themselves experts to those who have just read this blurb and are realizing that I have told you absolutely nothing concrete about slacklining and want to know what it really is. So come, join us as we balance our way into the Bates history books as we have already started to do. All are welcome. All should come. We are the Bates College Slackline Club, and we are ready for you.

Sportsmen’s Club

The Bates Sportsmen’s Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for Bates students to engage and participate in the shooting and fishing sports. We aim to create an environment where students are involved in fun and safe outings regardless of skill level and experience.

Sub Aqua FB-f-Logo__blue_29

Bates Sub Aqua brings together students, faculty, and staff who share a common interest in the underwater world and activities which explore it, such as SCUBA diving, snorkeling, and freediving. It promotes awareness of marine conservation, protection of water resources, and maritime history, as well as any other underwater-related cause.

Office: Chase Hall 212

Video Game Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The goal of our club is provide an environment for students who enjoy playing video games either casually or competitively. We will cater to both those who want to relax and play games for fun and those who wish to hone their skills with competitive games. We will consistently host game tournaments for the entire Bates campus and meet once a week during Saturday or Sunday afternoons.

Storage: Chase Hall 214

Weightlifting Club FB-f-Logo__blue_29

The purpose of our organization is to teach safe, and proper form and technique in all aspects of weightlifting. We also will focus on specific techniques in the sports of Olympic Weightlifting and Powerlifting. We will also provide members with information concerning goal setting, diet and nutrition, and aesthetic bodybuilding. The club’s goal is to bring members to compete in weightlifting competitions as well. We want to help people who may feel intimidated or scared of lifting weights, regardless of body type, fitness level, or gender.

Yoga Kula FB-f-Logo__blue_29Instagram

The Bates Yoga Kula is an organization that hosts free yoga classes open to all Bates students, faculty, and staff. Kula means “community” in Sanskrit, which reflects the organization’s intention to promote the practice of yoga and foster community around it. It hosts weekly classes in various yoga styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, and Kripalu. The Bates Yoga Kula classes can also be used to earn physical education credit. If you are interested in learning more about the Kula check out our Facebook Page! Namaste!

Office: Chase Hall 207